With zero new bookings, this small trucking company was at the end of the road.

State Wide Furniture Removals was a Business Mentoring client of an IDP subsidiarity, Mind Your Profit. We provided internet development services to Mind Your Profit.

The owner of this trucking company had just suffered their ‘worst month ever’. The client was a small business with the owner working in the business as a truck driver. He was a one-man-powerhouse. But all the inquiries from new clients were coming to his mobile phone. The owner could not yet employ dedicated bookings staff. The owner was keen to grow but losing business while on the road.

Here was a hard-working small business person that needed a solution.

Within 6 weeks this business grew from their worst-month-ever to their best-month-ever as a result of the implemented solution. The solution strategy was to implement an integrated online bookings facility. The ‘timerly’ system was chosen as it is an ‘off the shelf’ system requiring no capital intensive customisation. With the new website and integrated bookings, customers visiting the website could make a booking without needing to call the business. This relieved the owner of a large proportion of calls, and the automated bookings began to roll in.

An integrated appointment booking system solved the problem. New clients now booked ‘contact-free’, meaning customers no longer needed to make that phone call.

We went from worst month ever to best month ever in Six weeks!

Ty Frazer