The phone had just stopped ringing.

Choice Cleaning was well known it is locality. It is a carpet cleaning business with a long-standing reputation. But over the years fewer calls were coming in and the business had become starved of work. During a mentoring session, our subsidiary business identified several issues. The existing website had no Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), so customers who were searching for a local carpet cleaner were not finding this business, and although the business had extensive past client records, there was no system to keep in contact with them, no Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

The solution was to create a new website which was targeted for SEO to the catchment for the business and to implement a CRM System to leverage the past clients.

There were hundreds of past client details held in invoice records.

The new CRM was implemented together with a usage process which involved a) the data entry of past records and b) a system of scheduled newsletters. Over a few weeks, the business owner entered the customer records and began sending out newsletters according to the schedule so that any repeat business inquiries were spread out over the year.

With the new SEO optimised website more inquiries began to come in from people doing a web search of their local area, the first issue was getting solved, but the real surprise was yet to come.

When the newsletters started to arrive with old customers, immediately the phone would start ringing.

This fine business had built a reputation for great service, and reminding past clients about that with a newsletter, immediately triggered inquiries for repeat business.

Within a few weeks, the phone was ringing again